5 Steps to Creating and Keeping Habits You Want: Part 1

You want to make some changes in your life.  You want to eat healthier, you want to get more exercise, more sleep would be nice, oh and more time to do the things you want to do!  You set up a plan and get to work.  For the first few days, you feel great!  You’re doing all the things you wanted – until, CRASH!  It all falls apart, and you’re right back where you started.

Sound familiar?  Don’t worry, you’re not alone.  And over a series of 3 articles, I’m going to take you step by step through a process of creating action steps that get you toward your goals – without the crash and burn!  This process is the same we use in my Facebook group, ChallengeMe: Live Healthy and Vibrant – without Dieting.

Let’s cover the first 2 steps here: Mindset and Commitment.

Now don’t just shrug these off as vague wishy washy things.  They’re arguably the most important of all the steps we’ll cover.  So mindset.  What does that mean?  Well, it’s the state of mind you go into a desired task with.


Let me give you an example of how important setting your mindset is.  Let’s take two scenarios.  In the first scenario, you don’t bother about mindset.  You set your goal, and your feelings about it are just kind of -meh.  You want to try it, but you’re not sure how into it you are.  When the day comes, you do it for a few days, just kind of going through the motions, but your mind is elsewhere.  It’s like a lukewarm kind of mindset.  What do you think happens after the first few days of the month?  That lukewarm temperature becomes cool very quickly.  Before you know it, you let a few days slip, you might get back on again for a couple days, but you have no momentum.  It falls to the back of your mind and life goes on without it as it did before.  Nothing happens, nothing changes.


Now let’s look at the second scenario.  And, let’s stick with this temperature analogy, because it kind of fits.  Let’s say you want to cook a stew.  You start with raw meat but you need to get it to be edible.  Can you do that with lukewarm water?  I don’t care how long you try to cook that meat using lukewarm water, you could use a lifetime and it won’t happen!  What do you need to cook the meat?  Of course, you need heat.  And what is heat?  Energy!  That’s really all it is, heat is energy moving the molecules together so fast the protein in the meat changes chemical structure, and Walla! Dinner.  


But this isn’t a science class, so I’ll get back to mindset.  So in this scenario, you’re psyched for your goal or resolution, you put energy into it!  You choose an action you really want to accomplish, and believe you can accomplish, and you focus your attention on it as much as you can.  Where attention goes, energy flows.  And we need that energy to actually make change happen, like cooking the stew.  So you go through each day with the intention to move toward your goal one day at a time.  In this mindset, you build momentum.  It takes a lot longer for a pot of boiling water to cool than that lukewarm one.  So put some energy into creating the mindset that will bring success.


Next is commitment.  Commitment is part of your mindset.  When you commit to something, you acknowledge that there will be times you won’t want to move toward your goal.  There will be times it’ll be difficult to complete the action to get you there.  Commitment recognizes these challenges, but commits anyway.  If you don’t commit, it’s much too easy to give up when obstacles inevitably come up.  If you don’t commit, you are basically saying, “Sure, I’ll do this, but only until it gets hard.”  So make it a point to commit to the challenges by making a statement to yourself, and even better, to the someone else.


Now I’ll admit, commitment is hard for me because, well, I like to go with the flow and I tend to act in according with the mood I’m in.  I might start out doing something, like say, giving up wine for a certain amount of time.  But then I find myself in a situation where a glass of wine would be perfect, and I give into that, rather than to my earlier decision.  So I, too have to work on commitment.  


This is where extra support comes in handy.  It’s very easy for our own minds to rationalize and talk us out of something we thought we already decided.  That’s why my Facebook group exists.  We are committed to not only our own goals, but in supporting each other in completing very similar goals.


One final thought about mindset and commitment, and it’s very important.  Being committed and having the right mindset means that even if you miss a day, or two, of your action, you keep going!  Commitment doesn’t mean perfection.  It means knowing there will probably be times you don’t complete actions toward your goal.  But you DO NOT let that stop you.  You simply get right back to it the next day, or hour, or whenever you possibly can.  You are committed even in imperfection.  Which is really the only commitment there is.  Because nothing is perfect.


Your mindset, remember, is only the first step.  I’ll be posting 2 other articles with the rest of the steps to take to ensure you reach your goals over the next few months.  But if you want to get ahead of the game, and learn those steps now, join the Facebook group ChallengeMe.  There you will get access to my videos explaining all the steps to take, and join the group in setting your own personalized actions each month with our method for success.  It’s free – so what are you waiting for??

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