What is Mind-Body Nutrition?

When you hear the word nutrition, what do you think of?  Maybe you think of calories, vitamins, nutrients, diets, health, or science.  Coming from a background in nutritional sciences, the word nutrition always brought to mind precise numbers of nutrients required for us to stay alive.  It really bored even me, someone who chose to study this field.  Not to say that the way the body breaks down food and converts it into the substances it needs to function can’t be fascinating.  But it really got interesting when I started learning the other half of nutrition.  That is, who we are as eaters.  The other less explored half of nutrition is our humanness.  Our mind, emotions and psychology influence our nutrition – from the choices we make, the way our body digests and assimilates food, to the ability of our body to metabolize, burn calories and use our food for energy. 

The ancient yogis had a very accurate saying: “The mind is rarified body, and the body is rarified mind.”  Meaning the mind and body are connected.  You can’t influence one without affecting the other.  For example, if you start thinking thoughts that make you feel anxious, your brain sends out chemicals and hormones that travel your entire body, binding to receptors on all your organs.  You can feel this happening when you get a racing heart, sweaty hands, shallow breathing, or tight muscles.  Your body is responding to your mind.  On the other hand, let’s say you get sick.  Your body is under attack and hard at work fighting the bad guys.  How is your mood?  Likely you feel a little down or depressed.  That’s your mind responding to your body.  It works both ways.

In my coaching sessions, I teach you the techniques of mind-body nutrition.  Armed with the knowledge of the mind-body continuum, you are in the best place to align the two to get where you want to go – a healthy body and a mind at ease!

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